Estimating the cost of buying a new home was never this easy!

with homebuyer tools by

Estimating the cost of buying a new home was never this easy!

with homebuyer tools by

No matter where you browse for the For Sale listings, be sure to have our mobile calculators on hand.

The Ultimate Homebuyer Tools Free.  Instant Results.  Save, Print & Share.

When you're shopping for a home...

CashtoClose Calculator

Enter any address in Pennsylvania and we'll show you in minutes a list of all your closing costs, your all-in mortgage payment, the cash you'll need to close and where you can save some money.

When you're ready to choose your Title Company...

Title Insurance Calculator

Shop around and save! Get an instant title insurance quote for your purchase or refinance and save up to $700 or more at the settlement table with ALT!  Get a list of all the fees we waive.

We're redefining the role of the Title Company.

Private Transactions

As more and more consumers engage in private real estate transactions where neither buyer or seller is represented by an agent, ALT provides everything you need to transfer legal ownership between parties. With thousands of settlements throughout Pennsylvania, we've got experience in every aspect of the transaction and can guide you through any situation.


Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Draft Agreement of Sale
  • Recommend Local Service Providers for mortgage lenders, property inspections & homeowner’s insurance
  • Provide Lender and Owner title Insurance policies
  • Coordinate settlement between parties
  • Conduct settlement and prepare any necessary transfer documents
  • Prepare and record the deed conveying ownership


Real Estate Documents 101

Get familiar with the paperwork you'll be signing before the big day arrives.

Have a Question?
Get Real Answers

Have peace of mind 24/7 with quality answers from a licensed title agent. You'll connect with an owner of the company, not some call center in a faraway land.

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Settlement Day Checklist

Bring these items to settlement if you want the day to go smoothly.

First Time Buyer?

Get ALT's Guide to Settlement

If you're buying your first home, this is a must read.  If you can grasp these 5 points, you'll be better prepared going into the home buying process than the last generation was.