ALT is a Settlement Services Company for the 21st Century

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We Put the Power in Your Hands

We offer services and tools that were only available through real estate brokers and attorneys in the past. We empower consumers with knowledge, cost effective alternatives and total transparency.

Associates Land Transfer Company, LLC

ALT was founded in 2002 in North Wales PA to offer consumers an alternative as the traditional real estate brokerage model was becoming more and more irrelevant.

The average buyer claims to have little clarity about the process of buying a home and therefore becomes a target for spending too much on real estate transaction fees.

Few buyers understand the role of the title agent/settlement company and how they can rely on them for more than just title insurance.

Our Independence Saves You Money

Because we are independent, our fees are a fraction of the costs once dictated by traditional real estate marketing organizations. As an independent provider, we always have YOUR best interests as our priority.

Our Expertise Gives You Insight

We have expertise in every area of the real estate transaction and closing agents throughout PA. We provide you with an insider’s perspective to the industry, with personal service 7 days a week and the transparency that the “big box” guys can’t match.